Life Can Be Such a Time Suck.


I told myself I would try to write a new blog post Monday through Friday.

Oops. Fail!

I really don't know some of you blog girls find the time.inspiration.motivation. I know my readers probably don't want to read about how I spent most of my day at Brakes Plus and how tomorrow I get to go to Discount Tire. I don't want to cause that kind of crazy jealousy between us!

But I've had my thinking cap on.

And I really have a bunch of projects that I am dying to dig into. Painting, of course, and even some sewing. (I know!)

And I'm going to start running. I really am. So far, I have only been thinking about it, but I printed out the Couch to 5k plan and am going to get a move on. Because this is the only body God gave me, right?
I just need more hours in my day. Ooh, or a personal assistant! I'm very good at telling people what to do.

Life calls...

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  1. I am right there with ya! I wish I could clone myself so I would have time to get everything done. I would love to have the time to craft, blog and still get my work done around the house and have supper ready at 5! :) I guess, we have to do what we can and that's all we can do. Although I do have a melt down every once in a while when I get overloaded!

    I have started running too. I printed out the couch to 5k also, but didn't stick to it. I am not very good running, but i am trying. My breathing is my problem; I am always sucking wind!

    Take care...and I like to read blogs about where and what people are doing that day. It's like reality tv to me; I like it! :)

    Jodi - P.S. I am jealous of your hot weather...we are still cold here!