Patriotic Summertime Moss Wreath

Officially, officially summer vacation at mi casa. It's the first Monday since school let out and it was absolutely time to update the saying in my big ol' chalkboard!


{My newly-6 year old told me he could make better suns than I did.}

It was time to update my door wreath, too. I was thinking fresh, fun, and super easy. Like, a monkey could make it easy. So I came up with this!


Memorial Day is on the horizon... and well, I like to do it up red, white and blue style pretty much all summer long. U-S-A! U-S-A! (My husband is in the Air Force, so I'm allowed to do that.)

All this took was:
A grapevine wreath- I fell in love with this one from Michael's, but you can get a less attractive and cheaper version at the dollar store. I just happen to live much closer to a Michael's.

Moss- I stumbled upon this kind at (oh, I am shamed to say it...) Walmart. Two bucks a bag and I have to admit, it's pretty good stuff! It even smelled like outside. (Strange that I liked that since I do not like the outdoors. At all.)

Premade flower embellishments from -again-I swear I live 5 minutes from it, ok?- Michael's. I'm not the kind of crafter who makes everything, like my friend Jen. I keep the premade embellishment companies in business. Just doing my part! (U-S-A! U-S-A!)

And... The trusty hot glue gun



Lay down some newspaper (moss is adorbs but mess-ayyy) and glue on your moss. Initially, I was going to cover it entirely, but I liked the mixture of the vines in it, so I just covered most of the front.
Embellish away! I did, in fact, make ONE flower on my own. I had the metal sign from last year, probably from Hob Lob.


Yes, my front door is depressingly mud brown. Everything in the desert is brown! I'm considering painting it red, but I'm not sure it will gel with my tan stucco house... It's a thought.

Have a good one!

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  1. Love your wreath!! I looks easy to make, thanks for sharing!!

  2. this is such a beautiful wreath. it's patriotic and full of summer!!

    love it,