Mom Musings

Happy belated Mother's Day, mamas! Yesterday I was woken at 8am on the dot by The Kiddos, The Husband, and a tray bearing a belgian waffle, yogurt, coffee, flowers (not to eat...I think), and a mimosa which upon meeting my lap immediately crashed, broke, and spilled all over my white comforter. That is my life with my gang in a nutshell. {I love them.}

(You can really just feel the love and complete lack of irritation at the end of this photo session, can't you?)

When you're a mom, you:

Buy cereal in bulk.
I have 18 boxes in my pantry right now. They will be eaten in order according to how sugary and brightly colored they are. The Crunch Berries lasted a day. The Fiber One took up residence 6 months ago.

Are compelled to not change the station when Taylor Swift comes on the radio
even if you are not really a fan.

Eat last.
Thanks, kids, for saving that last bite for when I just sit down to my plate. Come to think of it, that even happened to me at a restaurant yesterday. I smell conspiracy!

Get misty at school performances
even if it's not your kid performing because every child suddenly becomes absolutely precious when they're singing in unison on a stage. Oh, unless your kindergartener is the kid who refuses to sing and just stands there in plain sight, hands in pockets, glaring at you for having your camera out.

Choose restaurants based on how loud the ambiance is
Sometimes you even decide that Olive Garden might be too fancy for your family.

Give up on manicures
except for special occasions. No, no manicure. Just the pedicure today. Yes, I know my cuticles look bad. You already pointed out that my feet are "very rye", thank you.
(Yes, that was me to the korean man who does my pedis at the nail salon. He insults me, but gives a mean calf massage.)

Choose the family's bedding based on ease of washing
Quilts, you're in. Bulky comforters? Hit the road.
*see breakfast spillage tale above for lesson in remorse.

Sit through kid movies
like Alvin and the Chipmunks. And Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. In a theatre.
I feel significantly less intelligent for having watched them.

But that's ok. It's the Sunday mornings filled with spilled breakfasts, handmade coupon books (including one for 10000 gitresteses -get dresseds in 5 year old), bouquets of button flowers, books about you pointing out that you a) love Target and cupcakes b) don't like cats or seafood and c )are awesome... reminds you why you do what you do.

And with that, I have to take my boy to the orthodontist to get a retainer removed. The ortho said to come back in 10 weeks for that. That was about a year ago.
There's no such thing as a perfect mom, right?


  1. Followed erin at TVP 's tweet about this post here, and I'm smitten!! Great post... I will be back to follow you're blog when I am online.

  2. Too funny, what a great post, you hit it right on the nose!

    Hope you had a great day!


  3. most enjoyable post my friend :)