I don't know if you heard about it, but Prince William was married today. Sadly, it was not to me, nor was I even invited to the wedding.

Now, I honestly did not plan on waking up at 1:30 this morning to watch said wedding. I SWEAR (this is mostly to The Husband).

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But, nature called in the wee hours and as I made my way back to bed from the bathroom... Well, it was just as Princes William and Harry were making their way to the Abbey. In those really awesome uniforms. And William looked excited and slightly nauseated and bore a strong resemblance to princes in Disney movies. I was sucked. in.
Now, The Husband is a pretty fairly decorated member of the Air Force, but our military uniforms only get this fancy:


Zero pizazz. (And I hate that waist length jacket!)

But anyway... sucked in. It was so fairytale, wasn't it? They're a darling couple and I think their love feels very sincere. Seeing the way the couple looked at each other just made me smile.

Side note: Wouldn't Harry and Pippa make an adorable pair? Let's make that happen, people!

Kate's dress was pretty, but a little underwhelming and a lot Grace Kelly to me. I have to admit that if I was marrying a future king, I would have done it UP... like Diana. Major veil and train and puffery. In fact, in marrying my own Prince Charming, I kind of did:

Off white silk dupioni and puffy sleeves. Oh yes!
{Feel free to comment about how The Husband and I haven't changed a bit since our 1996 wedding. We don't mind.}

But you know what else was great? All the hats and fascinators! (That's what those tiny hats and hair clips with fancy loveliness exploding from them are called.) Why do we Americans not wear those?! And David Beckham wore a top hat. Top hat! What do we have against formality and elegance?

British wear:

Americans wear:

And I really want to high five Fergie's girls for being fun princesses:

Why not, right?

And The Queen wore yellow and a hat with rosettes. Adorable!

Another side note: I may be completely ignorant, but I didn't realize she still had a living husband. Why do we never see or hear him? And does he feel slighted? Because I would.

I need a nap now. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I totally agree with you about the hats! I want to have occasions to wear fanciful outfits to! If I wore something that fun into public people would just look at me as if I'd lost my mind. It's a tragedy really. I also learned a lot about the royal family because of this whole wedding. Amazing what a fairytale wedding will teach you that a history class never did. :)

  2. Heather, your blog looks fantastic!!! Yes, the Royal Wedding was a touch of true life fairytale {aaahhhhh....}. Makes me want to move there!