Random Musings...

It's been a busy week. Last day of school stuff, birthday and bowling party for the new 6 year old boy, yadda, yadda, yadda...

So. Busy week = random stuff. Let's begin.

I finally completed a project that I had been putting off for months. Not too get you too excited, but it looks something like this:

Don't worry! It only looks like that at about step 3. The finished product is way, way, cuter and contains far fewer bits and pieces of foam. I'll show you next week.

I uploaded pics from my camera and found this:

Evidence that at least one of my children helped themselves to my computer and watched Annoying Orange videos on YouTube. Are you familiar with Annoying Orange? It's exactly as the name implies.

I have concluded that old fashioned mustaches are the new bird. They're everywhere and I'm not exactly sure why we (yes, myself included) like them so much, but we do. We just do!


I totally bought my daughter this:

School's out! Day one of summer vacation and my kids are already bored. One took a 2 1/2 hour nap! They delivered these to their teachers yesterday...

I used FREE printables from Skip to my Lou. Love it!

Cookie cake is preferred over regular cake by children 10 and under. It was a shared party, so we had both. Yes, of course I ate both!

And I would have eaten more of those darn kids would have left me.

Happy weekend!

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