Latest Obesession

Not that I need another "thing", but I have been noticeably enamored with vintage mercury glass ornaments. If you know me, you know I love vintage and and I LOVE color. And I love pretty and shiny, too... just for the record. *cough*
I've been on the hunt for them this year... I need them specifically for my little white tree I have in the front room. It's pretty much my favorite place in the house right now, so it's pretty important business. ;) I've been lucky; I found a box of small ones at the last Junk in the Trunk market I went to. I also found a couple of vendors at The Brass Armadillo who had some real cuties (and really delightful displays, too). I lucked out and found a couple of boxes at the local Goodwill today (This is when it's pretty awesome living near a lot, a lot, a lot of old folks).

It's feeling merry around here! How's the decorating coming along for you?