So... What's Up?

What's Heather been up to this week? Well, not enough laundry, for one. I personally feel like I've done plenty of laundry, but that hamper is still full! Laundry is far and away my least favorite chore. I don't know why... I really do like clean clothes!

I picked up a great thrifted chair. I am dying to doll her up, but I don't know exactly what to do wth her. I'm thinking that yellow should be involved, but I'm torn on whether I should make it really fun or just cute and functional.


I'd hate to ruin it. What do you think?

I had a geniune CRAFT FAIL on this frame. I attempted to revive an old frame by covering it with fabric. It sounded SO. SIMPLE. Let's just say that at this point, spray adhesive and I are not on speaking terms.


But I did successfully paint this nightstand. One more thing crossed off the Master Bedroom Prettying Up List!


See? I don't ruin everything. And I'm not gonna lie... the thing that pleases me most about this painting project is that I only used a sample container of paint on it. Woot! Don't underestimate the amount of paint in those little things!

So... what's up with you?


  1. I love that chair; I am a chair person! I am sure you will make it look great, no fail! :) Your nightstand is amazing, the color is beautiful!!

    Take care....Jodi

  2. Oh, the chair is gonna be cute! I think you should do a neutral color like white, cream, tan or black on the wood of the chair and then go crazy-funky-color-pattern on the fabric because that is easy and cheap to change out if you stop loving it one day! And I love your lampshade! I really want to do that in our bedroom, I just need to figure out what to do with our room first.