Fresh, Fabulous... FAST! Thrifted cookie jar makeover

Another Monday... and the last one here before summer vacation. Ack! So much to do, so little time. I'm choosing to think about that rather than dwelling on the heartbreaking fact that my babies will be going into fifth, third, and first grades. Make. It. Slow. Down.

Had some quick fun with the spray paint today. I found this adorable but slightly-too-70's canister at my favorite Goodwill several weeks ago.

canister before

I thought I could live with the gold and brown, so I left it for awhile. She felt like a cute but musty smelling polyester-clad lady living in my kitchen. Needless to say, she just didn't fit in.


canister after

A little primer and my favorite crisp white spray paint is all she needed for her modern makeover. All the dimensional interest minus the offensive color scheme. She is now our official summertime cookie jar.
Congrats, honey! We knew you could do it!

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  1. How cute, I like it original, but I like better all white!

    I know, my daughter is out of school on the 25th, and she will be in high school. How scary for me!!!

    Take care! Jodi

  2. I love it!! I looks great!! You seriously have to link this up to Sarah's spray paint party!! I have a link to her party at the bottom of my spray paint post!!

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