Buy This, Try This

Hey hey hey! Remember a week ago I said that I'd make Buy This, Try This (also known by its hipster name "B Triple T") a weekly event? I didn't lie. Have I ever lied to you?

It hasn't been an especially fun week so far. The Middle Child has had a fever since Sunday and has been cramping my style by staying home from school. I think he's on the mend, though, but think good thoughts for my fella. On the upside, the weather here in AZ has been gorgeous! And also, I got some adorable cropped cardigans in the mail (which I ordered and paid for, mind you. Sadly, fashion treats do not usually just arrive at my door). I love me some cropped cardis!

But on to more things that tickle my fancy this week...

I want to buy:

This top sooo bad! It's sold out online, so I might have to take a trip to the mall. Cross your fingers for me!

 Dear DownEast Basics,
I have featured your lovely wares on my blog twice in one week. If you're so obliged, I'd surely appreciate the opportunity to offer a giveaway from your fine, fashionable establishment. Or you could send me free clothes.
With thanks, 

And another thing I love, love, love... Buxom lip gloss from Bare Escentuals. I'm a total lip gloss girl. I've tried practically every one under the sun and Buxom is my fave. I was excited to see this new set:

It has my name all over it. Really, one is named Heather! :)

I Want to Try

I saw these cookies on Our Best Bites this morning. I'm a sucker for citrus baked goods and (hello!) frosting especially. They are definitely on my "To bake" list!

And ooooh, I need to make something like this wall art! I just love it. I don't have a Silhouette (boo), but maybe I can whip up my own version of something like this...

Hope you're having a good week. Thanks for popping in!


Buy This, Try This

I apologize to all six of my loyal readers for my posting gap. Sorry, guys! The Kiddos were on Spring Break, The Husband was out of town, and my mom and dad flew in from Ohio for a quick visit. So, it was mostly good.

Now that things are settling back into normal, I have time to waste my afternoon on the computer do a little research online and find some fun stuff. I'm hoping -ok, I'm pretty confident- that this will be a weekly feature for me.

I want to buy:

this super fun bag from peaceloveandpolkadots on etsy. Easy, fun color, a BOW? Come to Mama.

Speaking of bows, I've had my eye on this darling necklace:

Cute, no? I decided I'll treat myself to it (or one like it) when I lose my first ten pounds. I decided also that it's probably a smarter prize than treating myself to a cupcake, although I do love both. Now that I think of it, maybe I should just shop more and eat fewer goodies.
Did you hear that? It was The Husband loudly objecting at the mere thought.
But I digress...

Yes, of course I want this print! It's my colors and everything. :)

I'd like to try to make:

(Pretend I didn't just talk about being on a diet.) Eeeee! Peeps Cookies. The Kiddos would love me forever if I made these. Even better, I think I actually could.


Photos on canvas. Totally a "Duh! Why didn't I ever think of that?!" type of project. But I didn't. However, I will be making some! Wouldn't ya know, I have canvases and no photos. I'll have to get to it later.

Hope you're having a happy week!


Look Ma, no glue gun! And a problem...

So, I've been in the process of dolling up the master bedroom. Finally talked The Husband into a mattress and furniture upgrade earlier this year (wheeeee!), painted and prettied up an existing dresser, ruffled up some lampshades, and have a hopefully easy project in mind for the window. What's missing? Pillows!

I chose Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane because I always support fellow Heathers...

but also since I wanted a fresh-antiquey-meets modern day feel.
I decided to go with Tatertots & Jello's ruffled pillow tutorial because...well, I drool over those pillows...but mostly because they're touted as EASY. And as magical as I might be with a hot glue gun, this sister is totally not BFFs with her sewing machine. I use it for embellishing, not sewing actual objects!
So, I enlisted the help of my actual BFF Amy, who came over and got things started. She cut everything out and got me in the right direction, so she deserves props. After SHE LEFT ME ALONE to actually put these suckers together, I managed to do this:

Pretty cute, huh? I thought so until I put them on my bed. They're waaaaay too bright for my subdued room, even compared to the coordinating fabric I have ready for the window:

So, what do do, what to do? The pillows really don't fit in anywhere in my house. Help!

On the upside, I enjoyed making the pillows so much, I made a ruffle pillow for my office COMPLETELY BY MYSELF! AND it looks right at home. :)

Happy Monday!

Friday Smiles

Happy Friday! My allergies are killing me, I have one boy home sick today, the other two kiddos have early dismissal today as the beginning of Spring Break, and The Husband is out of town. Wheee!

Smiling on... the weather here in AZ has been beeee-autiful. Allergy torture aside, it feels great to be outside. It reached almost 90 yesterday and the kids acually asked if they could go swimming. Not quite, kids.

Guess which one wanted to go swimming and which one was just about to present a fever of 102?

The littlest one (who is hoping is a Justin Bieber in the making. I'm not kidding. He wants a J Biebs themed 6th birthday party and everything.) had to retreat to the patio for a little rocking out.

Finally, I did a quick dolling up of this berry wreath I've had forever. I just added a burlap bow and a little bird. The bird looks a little freaked out beause he came from the dollar store. Sorry, fella. I guess that's just where they send the birds with the crazy eyes. He really fits right in.

Enjoy your Friday!

The Mossy K

You might have noticed the very earthy-looking letter 'K' in my turquoise post the other day.

Or maybe not. You might have been distracted by all the other delightful bits and bobs up there (I know, decorator self-love. But I just do love it). It's another one of those things I've unwittingly collected... Ks. But that's another post for another day.

Anyhoo, I believe I literally gasped the other day while browsing through the new Pottery Barn catalog. Not just because of all the bunnies and moss and general springtime-y goodness that I adore, but because they had mossy letters! For $79! I made mine about a year ago for about $8. I have you beaten in so many ways, Pottery Barn! Nevermind the fact that I still have moss on my hot glue gun.

 I confess, though, that the fantastic idea was not purely mine. I copied was inspired by my sweet friend Mandy. She has the most delicious blog. If you've never read it, pull up a chair and sit awhile!

And I was also audibly thrilled to see this in the catalog:

Why? Oh, because it's practically the same entryway/kids random shoe and junk storage center that (is usually not this tidy) I've had for over a year. Of course, mine is NOT from PB.

Really, Pottery Barn. Why must you copy me so?
Ok, my version obviously needs some PB style dolling up. On the To Do list. :)


One thing you'll learn about me is I L-O-V-E a deal. A little too much, if you ask The Husband. (So far) this morning, I've come across a couple of good ones!

First, this knife set featured on The Today Show's Steals and Deals. $35 shipped!

I have had the dullest cheapest (ahem...IKEA) knife set for years, so I am stoked about this one. If you're interested, use code TDAYSHWKNFE

One of my favotite, favorite stores, DownEast Basics has a special deal on this fab tee today. $12.50! If you've never shopped there, you're in for a treat. I've decided not to hate on them just because their tops run a little snug. Size up and revel in their loveliness.

Finally, with a Chili's right around the corner and The Husband out of town, this came along at just the right time. Free Kid's Meal (up to two because they're being so nice to me) with a purchase of a regular entree.

(Hey, it's Fat Tuesday anyway, right?)

I have a plan to doll up a flower planter on my porch that's screaming "Lame!" to me. If all goes well, I'll report back later. :)

The Blues.

While unpacking the (new, spring...yay!) goodies I bought at Old Navy today, I realized not only did I buy three tops for myself (I was supposed to be picking up tees for the kiddos. Only. Oopsie!), but they were all shades of aqua.

Which reminded me of the thrifted coffee table I painted last week... (Pay no attention to the boy contained in a pile of stuffed animals on the couch. He interrupted my shopping and lunching plan by throwing up at school. He's perfectly fine now, of course.)

Which led me to my mantel stand-in (AKA the top of my entertainment center)...

and then to the spring-ish vignette I've been working on (Still a work in progress. Don't judge!).

Not to mention the four rooms in my house that are also various shades of happy blue. So I learned a little something about myself. I had no idea I was so obsessed!
What about you? What's the color you're drawn to lately?

UPDATE: Ok, yes. I see that my blog is also this color.