Buy This, Try This

Hey hey hey! Remember a week ago I said that I'd make Buy This, Try This (also known by its hipster name "B Triple T") a weekly event? I didn't lie. Have I ever lied to you?

It hasn't been an especially fun week so far. The Middle Child has had a fever since Sunday and has been cramping my style by staying home from school. I think he's on the mend, though, but think good thoughts for my fella. On the upside, the weather here in AZ has been gorgeous! And also, I got some adorable cropped cardigans in the mail (which I ordered and paid for, mind you. Sadly, fashion treats do not usually just arrive at my door). I love me some cropped cardis!

But on to more things that tickle my fancy this week...

I want to buy:

This top sooo bad! It's sold out online, so I might have to take a trip to the mall. Cross your fingers for me!

 Dear DownEast Basics,
I have featured your lovely wares on my blog twice in one week. If you're so obliged, I'd surely appreciate the opportunity to offer a giveaway from your fine, fashionable establishment. Or you could send me free clothes.
With thanks, 

And another thing I love, love, love... Buxom lip gloss from Bare Escentuals. I'm a total lip gloss girl. I've tried practically every one under the sun and Buxom is my fave. I was excited to see this new set:

It has my name all over it. Really, one is named Heather! :)

I Want to Try

I saw these cookies on Our Best Bites this morning. I'm a sucker for citrus baked goods and (hello!) frosting especially. They are definitely on my "To bake" list!

And ooooh, I need to make something like this wall art! I just love it. I don't have a Silhouette (boo), but maybe I can whip up my own version of something like this...

Hope you're having a good week. Thanks for popping in!


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  1. I am loving that shirt too; even checked to see about my size; we both must be a Medium :) I love the rest of your picks too; I am a sucker for cookies!!! :)
    P.S. I am so jealous of your weather; we are at a heatwave 43 degrees today..woo hoo!:)
    Take care...Jodi