Buy This, Try This

I apologize to all six of my loyal readers for my posting gap. Sorry, guys! The Kiddos were on Spring Break, The Husband was out of town, and my mom and dad flew in from Ohio for a quick visit. So, it was mostly good.

Now that things are settling back into normal, I have time to waste my afternoon on the computer do a little research online and find some fun stuff. I'm hoping -ok, I'm pretty confident- that this will be a weekly feature for me.

I want to buy:

this super fun bag from peaceloveandpolkadots on etsy. Easy, fun color, a BOW? Come to Mama.

Speaking of bows, I've had my eye on this darling necklace:

Cute, no? I decided I'll treat myself to it (or one like it) when I lose my first ten pounds. I decided also that it's probably a smarter prize than treating myself to a cupcake, although I do love both. Now that I think of it, maybe I should just shop more and eat fewer goodies.
Did you hear that? It was The Husband loudly objecting at the mere thought.
But I digress...

Yes, of course I want this print! It's my colors and everything. :)

I'd like to try to make:

(Pretend I didn't just talk about being on a diet.) Eeeee! Peeps Cookies. The Kiddos would love me forever if I made these. Even better, I think I actually could.


Photos on canvas. Totally a "Duh! Why didn't I ever think of that?!" type of project. But I didn't. However, I will be making some! Wouldn't ya know, I have canvases and no photos. I'll have to get to it later.

Hope you're having a happy week!


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  1. Great picks, I love that bag too; I have it marked as my favorite! :)

    Good to have to you back!:)