One thing you'll learn about me is I L-O-V-E a deal. A little too much, if you ask The Husband. (So far) this morning, I've come across a couple of good ones!

First, this knife set featured on The Today Show's Steals and Deals. $35 shipped!

I have had the dullest cheapest (ahem...IKEA) knife set for years, so I am stoked about this one. If you're interested, use code TDAYSHWKNFE

One of my favotite, favorite stores, DownEast Basics has a special deal on this fab tee today. $12.50! If you've never shopped there, you're in for a treat. I've decided not to hate on them just because their tops run a little snug. Size up and revel in their loveliness.

Finally, with a Chili's right around the corner and The Husband out of town, this came along at just the right time. Free Kid's Meal (up to two because they're being so nice to me) with a purchase of a regular entree.

(Hey, it's Fat Tuesday anyway, right?)

I have a plan to doll up a flower planter on my porch that's screaming "Lame!" to me. If all goes well, I'll report back later. :)

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  1. LOVE those knives! I just got some a while back - might need those!