Friday Smiles

Happy Friday! My allergies are killing me, I have one boy home sick today, the other two kiddos have early dismissal today as the beginning of Spring Break, and The Husband is out of town. Wheee!

Smiling on... the weather here in AZ has been beeee-autiful. Allergy torture aside, it feels great to be outside. It reached almost 90 yesterday and the kids acually asked if they could go swimming. Not quite, kids.

Guess which one wanted to go swimming and which one was just about to present a fever of 102?

The littlest one (who is hoping is a Justin Bieber in the making. I'm not kidding. He wants a J Biebs themed 6th birthday party and everything.) had to retreat to the patio for a little rocking out.

Finally, I did a quick dolling up of this berry wreath I've had forever. I just added a burlap bow and a little bird. The bird looks a little freaked out beause he came from the dollar store. Sorry, fella. I guess that's just where they send the birds with the crazy eyes. He really fits right in.

Enjoy your Friday!


  1. Hey! PUT A BIRD ON IT :-) love it!

  2. Love the wreath; so springy! Lucky you w/ your warm weather; I would probably want to be in the pool too! :)

    I have terrible allergies here in the midwest! I always said I wanted to move to the desert to get rid of mine! :)

    Have a great weekend! Jodi

  3. Very cute! Maybe the creepy bird will scare away solicitors!