The Blues.

While unpacking the (new, spring...yay!) goodies I bought at Old Navy today, I realized not only did I buy three tops for myself (I was supposed to be picking up tees for the kiddos. Only. Oopsie!), but they were all shades of aqua.

Which reminded me of the thrifted coffee table I painted last week... (Pay no attention to the boy contained in a pile of stuffed animals on the couch. He interrupted my shopping and lunching plan by throwing up at school. He's perfectly fine now, of course.)

Which led me to my mantel stand-in (AKA the top of my entertainment center)...

and then to the spring-ish vignette I've been working on (Still a work in progress. Don't judge!).

Not to mention the four rooms in my house that are also various shades of happy blue. So I learned a little something about myself. I had no idea I was so obsessed!
What about you? What's the color you're drawn to lately?

UPDATE: Ok, yes. I see that my blog is also this color.


  1. I am BAD about the entire downstairs is suddenly done in various shades...I also have that aqua tank on the top of your pile...I wish I had that bewitching coffee table! ;)

  2. Hey friend! Love the new blog. And your tanks. and your table... and yadda yadda yadda :-)

  3. Love the new blog and what we can see of your house is adorable! I'm obsessed with red, not just any red, barn red. One day I want a red barn and a white house on a little plot of land somewhere. My in-laws hate red, maybe I'll paint the house red too!!

  4. i have recenly been drawn to purple. but then again i am always drawn to purple... O.o well more than usual lets just say. i would name my purple stuff but that would take too long!

  5. I am following you.... Love the blog. The table looks great. I really like how you did the candles with the blue and leopard.

  6. You home looks lovely. I see you & I share an affinity for Eiffel Towers. LOVE!