Look Ma, no glue gun! And a problem...

So, I've been in the process of dolling up the master bedroom. Finally talked The Husband into a mattress and furniture upgrade earlier this year (wheeeee!), painted and prettied up an existing dresser, ruffled up some lampshades, and have a hopefully easy project in mind for the window. What's missing? Pillows!

I chose Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane because I always support fellow Heathers...

but also since I wanted a fresh-antiquey-meets modern day feel.
I decided to go with Tatertots & Jello's ruffled pillow tutorial because...well, I drool over those pillows...but mostly because they're touted as EASY. And as magical as I might be with a hot glue gun, this sister is totally not BFFs with her sewing machine. I use it for embellishing, not sewing actual objects!
So, I enlisted the help of my actual BFF Amy, who came over and got things started. She cut everything out and got me in the right direction, so she deserves props. After SHE LEFT ME ALONE to actually put these suckers together, I managed to do this:

Pretty cute, huh? I thought so until I put them on my bed. They're waaaaay too bright for my subdued room, even compared to the coordinating fabric I have ready for the window:

So, what do do, what to do? The pillows really don't fit in anywhere in my house. Help!

On the upside, I enjoyed making the pillows so much, I made a ruffle pillow for my office COMPLETELY BY MYSELF! AND it looks right at home. :)

Happy Monday!


  1. Freak-o! They really don't go???? I'll take them;) hehe

  2. Well I think they're stunning!!! I forgot that you don't do much sewing so now I'm super impressed (and wondering what my excuses are)!

  3. Oh, I love them and they are perfect, not too crazy for the subdued room at all. Color is always good. I say this but I'm guilty of having the most boring white bedroom cause I can't make up my mind on what to do with it.