I gonna party like it's my birthday.

I had one of those weeks last week... Scrap that, I've had about 3 of those weeks consecutively. But I'm not here to compain. I can do that in real life. So, here I am wearing my big girl pants. .

Yesterday was my birthday!
 I won't even complain about my age (although I believe my own MOTHER said I was getting old)! So, it's gonna be a good week. I'll be at the Creative Estates conference this weekend. I'm beyond stoked to be amongst my peers... lots of my favorite bloggers will be there (eeeeeeeeee!), as well as some old eBay custom boutique accessory gals who've stuck with it and have gone pretty big time... like Erin of The Vintage Pearl (I'm soooo excited to be wearing some custom jewelry from her) and Tracy of Creme de le Gems (she makes the most divine clay), AND I get to escape to a hotel with my pals Wendy and Jen.

{Side note: Wendy finally became a bonafide citizen of Blogville this week! Give her a visit! Her blog is wayyyy cuter than mine, but I hope you'll still like me anyway.}

I have my fingers crossed that tomorrow I won't have any sick kiddos at home so I can tackle some more of those pesky (which they are by now) master bedroom doll-up projects. There is more paint involved, and fabric, too! Cross your fingers for me. I can't wait to show you!

And just because I like it:


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! You don't look very old at all!

    Have a wonderful relaxing time, I would love to meet fellow bloggers, how FUN!!!! Can't wait to hear how much fun you have and take LOTS of pictures.