One Blogger in a Million -and laughing until your face hurts

Taking a break from headcold/fever/breaking a sweat to post about the A.MA.ZING weekend I had at Creative Estates. I had never been to any sort of conference like this (ok, any kind) before and I had zero expectations.

I figured I'd enjoy being amongst my peers -and that was great... TONS of other moms who love to craft, create, blog, wear headbands and cardigans...

 I figured I'd have a fun weekend away from home with some wonderfully fun friends- SO fun. I went to bed with a sore throat from laughing so much. Here we are being very well behaved and not all obnoxious giggly like we were most of the time.

Wendy, Jen, me, Erin
All cute, right?
We met on eBay years ago. That's where we all got our start!

I figured I'd get to eat some cupcakes and see The TomKat Studio's party design live and in person- totally enjoyable, of course, and Kim is absolutely beautiful and sweet in person. Modest, too... casually mentioning that you style for HGTV and blog for HomeGoods? That's her!

I figured I'd also get to see some of my fave bloggers in real life, too. I admit to having a minor heart attack when I saw Tatertots & Jello Jen because I am such a fan of her blog. There were actually quite a few moments of I feel like I know you because I stalk your blog and you have no idea who I am, but hi, nice to meet you! Pretty cool. I met so many wonderful, creative, and all-around delightful gals. Honestly, I have never been amongst so many positive, encouraging and adorable people before.

I figured I learn a few things about the world of blogging. I don't know if you can tell, (har har) but I'm pretty new to this. Pretty soon, I realized there is SO MUCH to know and learn. I realize that at the moment I just blog for my own kicks and grins, but I learned that blogging can be a BIG DEAL. It's all what you make of it. Maybe I'll just stay a just-for-fun blogger, or maybe someday I could make a living at it (Hey! You never know!). The most memorable thing I learned is that there is enough internet for everybody. Even silly little ol' me claims a little piece of it. And it makes me happy.

{Shout out to The Husband for encouraging me to get out and enjoy the Creative Estates conference. He must have been a really super duper fun dad to The Kiddos because the youngest wanted Dada when I sent him to the timeout chair this morning. Guess I became the mean one. Humph.}



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, I would love to go to a blog conference and meet some bloggers. I LOVE Jen from Tatortots and Jello too!!!


  2. I was wondering how it went! Looks like fun but my husband would never spring for me having a weekend to myself, boo :( Glad you had fun!