Buy This, Try This

I realized it's Wednesday! Egads, it seems to come weekly! ;)

Time for me to share. And isn't that what blogs are all about?

Something I'd like to buy:

This gosh darn desk on Craigslist! I've left messages for this guy and he just won't call me back? Come on, buddy, I just want to give you a very reasonable amount of money to take this fab old desk from you so I can paint it up and give it a new home in my office.

Can't you just picture it a nice cheery color and me blogging at it?

And I'd {love} to try to make:

An ottoman - as seen on inmyownstyle. Ok, I know it's a lofty project and I kind of have Crafters ADD,
I'm sure there's a simpler way I could make it work.

{photo from}

And I have the perfect spot for a cute ottoman. My pretty zebra chair. Doesn't she need some company?

She also desperately needs a fun little pillow, too. Perhaps I'll tackle that, first.

Anything new on your to-do lists?


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  1. Omg! Your furniture talks, too? Mine mostly just asks me to lose weight rotfl love it! And after seeing your fabhab (fabulous habitat) today, you inspire me to spruce up the ol crapshack! Thanks, friend :) #alwaylookingforanexcusetoshop (can I hashtag in a blog comment? Woops. Looks like I JUST DID!)