Buy This, Try This

Happy Wednesday!
Well, the crafty projects did not happen this week. *sigh* (Did I ever tell you that my 10 year old daughter  SAYS the word *sigh* in lieu of actual sighing? I love that.) BUT, I am mentally packed for my little Mom's Adventure Away  later this week and that's pretty important.

So, what do I dream of buying this week?

I have to give credit to my friend Daria who posted the link to these fab shoes on Facebook the other day. She actually GOT them and insists they are comfortable. {Insert envy here}

Is that actually all I want to buy this week? Huh. I must be all shopped out.
Don't tell The Husband.

And to try...

This simple project really appeals to the embellisher (and clothes horse... neighhhh) in me: T-Shirt embellishment! I can do that!

And this.... well, this I'd {like} to do, but I'm not handy with wood and sawing and staining and such, but my friend Kelly TOTALLY is. I adore the dining table re-do!
I can't post a pic, but please go take a peek. :)

Before I leave for fun tomorrow, I have to construct a Dad-friendly dinner menu. So far I have:

  • Thursday:
  • Friday: Order pizza
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday: Cinnamon rolls for breakfast

The Husband has declared that tacos are too complicated and that his "cooking skills" max out at Kraft mac and cheese.

-Disclaimer: That is not my child, but any of mine would look just as pleased.

I hope my children aren't a pile of dust by the time I get home on Sunday.



  1. I hope you have a wonderful time! My hunny can't cook, so if I happen to be gone(which I am never) it's take out for them!