The Chore Store: AKA How my house got more clean

Did you have a nice Easter? We had a beautiful, sunshiney day. We kept it low-key  (which is something that just naturally kind of happens when you're an Air Force family), but it was nice. The Easter Bunny came and all of the eggs hidden in the back yard were accounted for.

There are The Kiddos in their Easter finery jammies.Those are wax mustaches and wax lips. I assure you my children didn't acquire that kind of appearance naturally. ;)


About a week ago, my friend  Fabric Bliss Jen told me the tale of how she had implemented a successful Chore Store rewards system for her kids. She must have seen the tears of hope in my eyes because she generously offered her expertise in setting up one for my family and got to work on it right away (perhaps she saw tears of desperation...?).
The concept is simple:
  1. List each child's chores/responsibilities and assign an earned ticket amount for each
  2. Offer extra chores as a way for the children to earn more tickets
  3. Create a "store" of inexpensive toys, trinkets, treats, reward coupons (including tickets for extra video game or tv time), etc. and price accordingly. It's pretty much a Chuck E Cheese-Peter Piper Pizza concept.
  4. Open your store once a week and let your willing workers purchase goodies of their choice with their earned tickets.
After a couple of days of fiddling around with this, I decided it worked best to have The Kiddos cross out each task after it's completed. (Dry erase markers on glass or plastic frames. Sa-mart.) I also concluded it was much easier to gather the gang and do a tally up and payment of tickets at the end of the day. To prevent any ticket thievery or counterfeiting (MY kids did not do this, but I hear OTHER kids can be diabolical like that.), I wrote their name on the back each ticket they were given. I also made each kiddo their own envelope for stashing their tickets.
It's really so simple overall, but it has made a noticeable change in my home. Beds are made in the morning. Bedroom floors are free of clutter, and when I have to tell them to pick up, it's done without an argument. When I need someone to set the table, I announce that there is a ticket in it for him or her and it is done. Sometimes one of The Kiddos decides that they really don't want to make their bed -or whatever- and choose to forfeit their ticket. Then they are usually remorseful during payout time.
More deets -and other fun, crafty things- are on Jen's blog here.

Happy Monday!



  1. This is such a fantastic idea! I am so in love with this. Way to teach kids about the rewards of hard work. It can be hard for little ones to really appreciate a clean space as their only reward and satisfaction. I LOVE it! :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is a brilliant idea! will try it with my daughter.