Where am I? What Day is it?

The Kiddos are having sack races and sliding down the stairs in their pillowcases as I write this. Come on, it's fun! I'm not exactly sure if my parents let my brothers and I do this, or if we just did it when they weren't looking...
This is summer vacation at my house.

The Husband is always bellowing, "Stop playing on the stairs!".

As long as I hear laughter and not crying or kid curses (such as Poo poo head or Pee face or I wish you were never born), it doesn't bother me. I'm either a cool mom or slightly neglectful.

The close of the school year happened in a snap. What was that?! I swear I was just shopping for Valentine's Day cards with them and the next day I am picking them up from their last day of school and crying because my baby isn't a kindergartener anymore.

A couple days later (literally) came the Family Vacation. Then came the recovery period. And now? Well, now I don't know what we're doing. Other than spending our day in our jammies until lunchtime.

"No lunch until you are dressed and your teeth are brushed."
"Yes, I know Mommy is still in her jammies. Just do as you're told!"

This is not happening at our house.

The thing is... I don't like it! I am wandering aimlessly, albeit comfortably in my jammies. Routine? Gone. Schedule? Missing in action.

I need my routine back. If you find it- or perhaps you might have taken it by accident- please return it to me. There will be no questions asked. I just want its safe return.

Back to regularly unscheduled programming...

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