The Family Vacation

So, remember the super glam and fabulous vacation I mentioned last week? No? That's probably because I told you it was actually The Husband's family staying with us for a week. Not to pish-pish that, because it was actually a nice time. It's just that six kids in your house does not a vacation make.

{elle j photography. She's pretty much a miracle worker.}

Observations from a week with half a dozen kids aged 6-10:

A family of twelve under one roof eats a LOT of food. Think two or three carts full of groceries. Also think another cart of beer for the daddies and wine and Skinnygirl margaritas for the mommies.

If you run out of nacho cheese on taco night, there is a good chance a ten year old boy will weep openly about it.

If your spouse recently had ankle surgery and wears a walking cast, he probably will not think to bring a pair of shoes. Just the one. So, be prepared to shoe shop for him before the family photo session.

Amidst the hustle and bustle in packing for such a trip, it's possible that you might forget to pack pajamas for the children. But it turns out that little boys like to sleep in their clothes. In fact, little boys who have pajamas readily available will probably choose to wear clothes to bed, too. It's just cool.

Photos, paintings and busts of Popes prominiently featured at Buca di Beppo might frighten children. And some adults, too. But bread makes you feel better.

Water park slides are torturous, terrifying, dizzying, possibly life-ending horrors. Avoid them at all costs.*
Those kids would disagree, but they're totally wrong and obviously were too hopped up on churros to notice how terrifically scary they actually are.
*opinion expressed is merely my own

Now, pay attention to this one: Baby wipes will remove this nail polish -while wet- from carpet. To avoid any embarrassment to family members that are not children, I will leave it at that. Accidents happen.

Sometimes mommies need to go to bed at 7:45. They just do, ok?

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  1. Oh, this post had me laughing out loud!! Glad you survived your wonderfully horrific family vacation (aren't they all?!) !!