You Still Here?

If any of you are reading this, you must really love me. Perhaps you are a stalker. Thank you!
It's been awhile. Not much has changed. I still decorate stuff, make stuff, paint stuff, buy stuff, eat stuff. I still have a husband who plays a lot of fantasy sports, three kids who never eat what I make for dinner, and two dogs that shed. Same ol'.
Oh, except...
We're moving. Really moving.
 Here. Okinawa, Japan!
It doesn't really look like Japan as you know it, right? That's because Okinawa is a tropical island south of mainland Japan.

As of July, that's where you'll find me! Yes, it's nerve-wracking. Yes, it's exciting. Yes, it's a big, scary pain in the butt. Being a military family is all of the above. Adventure finds us.
p.s. I don't like sushi.

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