Latest Obesession

Not that I need another "thing", but I have been noticeably enamored with vintage mercury glass ornaments. If you know me, you know I love vintage and and I LOVE color. And I love pretty and shiny, too... just for the record. *cough*
I've been on the hunt for them this year... I need them specifically for my little white tree I have in the front room. It's pretty much my favorite place in the house right now, so it's pretty important business. ;) I've been lucky; I found a box of small ones at the last Junk in the Trunk market I went to. I also found a couple of vendors at The Brass Armadillo who had some real cuties (and really delightful displays, too). I lucked out and found a couple of boxes at the local Goodwill today (This is when it's pretty awesome living near a lot, a lot, a lot of old folks).

It's feeling merry around here! How's the decorating coming along for you?


  1. Oh, love that!!
    We still have to connect the lights on our tree before we can decorate it...the mere thought makes me feel tired & dizzy...hold me!!

  2. Adorable!! I love how cute it looks. I can't wait to get to our new home and start decorating.