Winding Down

Hi! Are you busy enjoying your summer?

Guess what?

My summer is almost over.

(Telling my kiddos that elicits dramatic groans.) I am knee-deep in backpacks and fresh pairs of shoes, and I couldn't be happier. Naturally, I think my kids are awesome and I love them to pieces, but you know what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder and such.

We recently got back from our family trip to San Diego. (I was told that a getaway with the kids is called a trip. A getaway without the kids is a vacation. I'm still waiting for a vacation.) It started out great: we stayed on beautiful Coronado Island.

The kids had a blast riding boogie boards and splashing in the waves. There was a seal sighting. They collected shells.
Three full days and three amusement parks later, my youngest fella was pleading with us to leave SeaWorld... or begging me to take him to the van so he could take a nap. Oh my gosh.... is that remotely normal???

Not this kid of mine, though. He was over-the-moon the entire time.

God bless him. And the tween daughter really took one for the team at Legoland. Minimal eyerolling. I am so proud.

So, soon I hope to be back to serious stuff, like painting furniture and re-doing my kitchen table. If only the weather would cooperate. (106 degrees AND monsoon season humidity? Come on!)

In the meantime, I shall continue to visit my boys' "cushion houses" (We used to just make forts!) and try not to get mad when I see they ripped all the blankets and pillows off their beds to make them with.

Happy summering!

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