There's No Place Like Home (I suppose)

So, who has two thumbs and is definitely not moving to England?! -This Gal!-

Don't you feel sad for me? If you don't, that's ok. I had a pity party big enough for all of us. We found out last Thursday that The Husband's orders had been cancelled. We kind of had an inkling that it might happen, but it still felt like very bad news. I was very sad. No pretty little English house. No day trips to London. An even slimmer chance of befriending David and Victoria Beckham. 


But, que sera sera. It just wasn't part of the plan. Actually, all of my family are happy about it. And my friends, too. Except the one who felt emboldened by our international move and decided to let her husband look for a new job in another state -across the country- and now is moving herself, this summer. Sorry about that. Totally not my fault. Sad, though.

So, thankfully we don't have to get our house ready to rent (I was going to have to paint it all neutral. NEUTRAL, people!), I don't have to sell my beloved old mom-van, send our elderly dog to live with her grandparents, and most importantly, I can continue to enjoy all of my fun lamps (which wouldn't have worked in the UK)!

However, I do have a new Union Jack pillow that I've had to put away. It's not going to match anything in my Arizona house. Besides, any time I saw it I might feel compelled to gently weep.

Or not. It's pretty dang cute.

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