*Insert Chirping Crickets Sound Here*

Why, hello there. Remember me? Yeah, I'm that bad blogger who has trouble focusing on more than one thing at a time. I literally forgot where to go to get to my blog to post. (Pssst.... it's blogger.com. Brilliant!)

Anyway, I got really sucked into back to school time stuff and the creative business end of Extra Frosting Please. I was on Heartsy! I was going to let you know about the super deep discount voucher to my shop I was offering, but they were gone, Poof! before I knew it. It was quite thrilling, really, but I was about one and a half inches from being in over my head. Even though I thought I came prepared. I would do some things differently if I were to do it again.

So, another week has already gone by. To make up for my absence (har har), I offer you these tidbits:


Use coupon code FREEFRIDAY for free domestic shipping in my Etsy shop. Valid until Monday. Tell your friends!

And also, I present That's My Jam! Friday. I have a little George Michael this week... because when I was 14 I was absolutely fascinated with THE Supermodels.

Until next time! (Fingers crossed for next week, ok?)

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