I've Been Busy Watching TV.

Last night my dear husband asked me, "Did you quit blogging?". Ohhhh, knife to the heart! Bloggers don't quit, silly... sometimes we just like to space our posts out. Like once every three weeks. I can't be putting all of my EFP delight out there at once. The blogosphere would combust.

Or something like that.

Since I'm mainly a share-your-project type blogger, I should say that I have hit a crafting wall. I have two pieces of furniture that I cannot decide on a paint color for, a front porch that is crying out for some fall pillows that I can't locate fabric for (Seriously. The fabric that I want is lost in my closet somewhere.), and it's OCTOBER... so ohmygosh, I had better get some pumpkins and probably some mums out, too! But I am just not there.

Oh, wait. Wait. I did, in fact, make a quick wreath for my front door. That really is a must.

But, I haven't yet taken a picture of it on my door. Because my front porch isn't properly fallified, duh.

However, I have been keeping up on television (I know, you're impressed!). Is it just me, or did about 100 new shows just begin over the last month? Some I really enjoy: New Girl, Free Agents, Whitney. Some I wanted to enjoy, but were bad: Pan Am, The Playboy Club (Yes, I do enjoy the 60's, but Mad Men these shows were not.). Others I thought I'd hate, but like: Prime Suspect.

All these shows and I still feel like I haven't seen all the good, new ones. What do you like?

So, maybe I should dig out that pillow fabric...


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  1. You are so funny Heather! I just love you :)

    Go get your twister game out (you have one, right?) and flick the dial. Whatever color that the arrow ends on... THAT'S the color you can paint your furniture. Maybe not the exact color, but in that color family ;) I know whatever you do, it will be FABULOUS!! I can't wait to see the outcome.

    Blogging regularly is hard for me :/

    Love ya!