Just For Fun Friday- Product Junkie Faves

I am a beauty product junkie. It's true. I once emptied out my purse to find no less than 8 lip glosses. I have friends to attest that I could live happily inside a Sephora store. I have a husband who will (angrily) tell you about all the beauty products I've bought from QVC and put on easy pay. I may be very vain... or just very curious. Definitely a little irresponsible with the credit card. Either way, I love the stuff.

Here are some of my current favorites:

Stila One Step makeup. I kind of struggle with foundation. I was a Bare Escentuals girl until recently. Too many years in a very sunny climate has left me needing a little more coverage. I am loving this right now. It's silky (not greasy!) and feels light and fabulous. I am very concerned that this is on clearance... I fear it's being discontinued. Must. Buy. More.

Speaking of Stila, I love, love, love their lip glaze. Love. My current fave (also on clearance) is Honeydew. Sheer, shimmery, hint of melon. A really good glossy neutral. Kitten is great, too.

Along with lip gloss, I fear that I am a little bit of a mascara whore, too. (Well, it's true!) I've tried so, so, so many. A few months ago I noticed my lashes had been looking pretty wimpy and I wasn't satisfied with any mascara. I was considering eyelash extensions, which seem to be the thing around here. Then I found RevitaLash Mascara at my salon. It is fantastic. To be honest, I'm not sure if it has anything lash-building in the formula (I've just been using the mascara, not the primer or conditioner), but it's definitely making my lashes look fuller and longer. And not in a clumpy spider legs sort of way. If you're Phoenix local, I get mine at Dolce.

There is is: My hair savior. Fekkai Glossing Cream. I honestly am lost without it. I just run it through my (often somewhat straw-like) hair after blow drying, before the flat iron, and it works like magic. It's the only way my tough to manage hair has the appearance of something soft and shiny. I buy it at Target. Sometimes if I need to be less spendy, I buy the smaller tube at Ulta, which is nine bucks.

Finally, one more local thing that I love: The Summer Shaving Soap Bar from Pink Bow Bath Boutique. Not only does it smell delicious- like summer- (I kind of want to eat it.) but my legs have not been so smooth since I was a baby! And it's only 5 bucks.

For the record, I don't use a credit card anymore. :)


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